Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more UT youtube: 'we should pay taxes at Neyland'

We should pay taxes at Neyland Stadium, because we own Tennessee.

My memories of the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry are frustrating. We were the better team in '96 and couldn't put them away at Neyland; Peyton Manning tore us apart in '95 and '97; Mike Dubose simply couldn't get over the UT hump from '98-'00 because the Vols were among the national elite (they stayed there until 2002).
There were happier moments, of course, coming from the earliest part of the decade that spawned the above quote — there's some debate as to who actually said it first (some accounts say Antonio Langham, some Roger Schultz).
We'll even include the crazy tie in '93, if only because it was the moment when Jay Barker went from Caretaker QB to ... well, Jay Barker.

We'll have something other than 'tube later today. Roll Tide.

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