Monday, November 22, 2010

Tuesday 'tube: drive to glory

You haven't imagined things: an entire week went by with no blogs. That means I've missed an entire week of discussing the return of Bill Curry to Tuscaloosa, or said word one about the post-Thanksgiving apocalypse that will be the Auburn Game (or discussed the rather obvious irony between those two, since Curry never could beat Auburn). My apologies.
To make up for it, here's some Tuesday 'tube, with a theme: great drives made by 'Bama to beat Auburn.
First up, Mike Shula takes the Tide on an improbable march in 1985.

(One of my favorite dumb bits of trivia about The Kick, and only because I've watched it roughly 205,746 times in my life: AU cornerback Kevin Porter, who actually enjoyed a very long NFL career, was offsides on the play; had Van Tiffin missed it, he'd have had another shot from 47.)

Second, one of the forgotten favorites: the 1996 version with Freddie Kitchens — you read that correctly — going 80 to win at Legion Field. This is a special one for me, my first trip to Legion Field.

The last one is obvious.

More planned for later in the week. Roll Tide Roll.

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