Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday tube: more cowbell

Quick fact you'll probably hear repeated periodically this week: the two SEC opponents that are closest to one another, in terms of distance are, in fact, Alabama and Mississippi State (less than 90 miles from Tuscaloosa to Starkville).
Of course, the distance between the two campuses is about the only thing that makes the two programs similar: Alabama owns one of the most prized traditions in college football; State hung a banner for winning the SEC West in 1998.
Even so, 'Bama had the hardest time with the Bullies recently; in fact, in 2008 we needed a sterling effort from Javier Arenas to solidify the win that broke a two-game losing streak to State that bridged the gap between Mike Shula and Nick Saban.
Anyway, today's videos come from the last two wins over State, and only because, to me, these typify the "EFFYOU" intensity that carried us to 26 wins in 28 tries, the same intensity that's been missing in 2010.

Not sure whether that kind of effort is lurking in this 22 somewhere. We'll see.

More coming later today. Roll Tide.

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