Monday, March 30, 2009

if it's Monday, then these must be links

Big doings over the weekend have led to big doings in the county, but more on that later.

In any case, here are some links that attracted my attention, and hopefully will attract yours as well.

— Beginning with basketball: a weekend of juicy matchups mostly fell flat, as SbB details. The matchups in the Final 4 look equally enticing, obviously, but this weekend proved there are no guarantees. Wilbon, predictably, doesn't enjoy a life without upsets.

— Obviously, the big story over the weekend in Alabama was the hiring of a new head basketball coach. Here's his introductory press conference.

Whoops — wrong guy. Here's his press conference.

Naturally, everyone's pretty excited about the hire. Capstone King calls Grant 'the perfect fit.' Cecil is also duly impressed. And the CW, naturally, is quite fired up.
Of course, Tower has a great entry as well — making fun of another blog, just because. Frankly, it's outstanding work they're doing there.
— Less pleasant things: Alabama was hammered over the weekend by Florida, both in baseball and softball. Baseball has a big series coming up this weekend at home against Tennessee — here's a recap of the weekend in SEC play.
— Football-related: Ozzie Newsome weighs in on Andre Smith; Lou Saban died over the weekend; and Peter King checks in with his regular MMQB column.

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