Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday on the 'tube: The Deuce is loose

Today's youtube video comes from a time that doesn't seem so long ago, but I suppose is: the early 1990s, starring David Palmer.
If either a) you've forgotten about him or b) you're too young to remember, definitely take a gander at the video: this guy was really, really good. Look for the clip from the Blockbuster Bowl in 1991 at around 1:13, when he basically shakes the entire Colorado team.

Back with some "Lost" related stuff on Wednesday.

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Matt Miller said...

Some of my first memories of Coach Stallings are those when he refused to kick David Palmer off the team. The media was all over him till he stood up at a weekly press conference and said, "David Palmer needs Alabama a lot more than Alabama needs David Palmer. I'm not kicking him off the team" or something like that. I can't find the quote anywhere.