Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Lost" blogging: he's our you

Welcome to this week's version of the "Lost" blog, as we continue to attempt to somehow understand what's going on in this continually confounding ABC program. Tonight's version: "He's Our You," which is supposedly to feature Sayid. As always, stay away, stay away, stay away ... SPOILER ALERT.

8:04: What book was that young Ben handed him?
(opening credits)
While we're waiting out the first commercial break, allow me to advance a theory I read somewhere else: that Sayid actually has come in contact with The Others since coming back to La Isla, and does, in fact, have some kind of hostile-related agenda. Of course, when last we saw Sayid, he was telling Jack "I don't want any part of this" and walking as quickly away from the plot to return to the Island as possible. Then suddenly he was on Ajira 316 in handcuffs. You figure it out.
8:12: We lost our feed window briefly. Suffice to say, Horace is threatening to torture Sayid, the master torturer. Fantastic.
8:13: The tension between this group is palpable: between Jack & Sawyer, Juliet & Sawyer, Juliet & Kate, Jack & Juliet.
8:14: Just a thought: remember when Sayid tortured Sawyer in the first season?
8:15: Yup.
8:16: Classic "con-man-turns-good" story. Even though it's all one big lie.
8:17: "Then I guess I'm on my own."
While we're on break, a big hello to my dad, who purposefully skips this portion of the blog each visit. Hi, Dad -- glad to see you again.
8:19: Back with Hurley serving food, which is somehow apropos (not a fat joke -- the dude used to serve food for a living).
8:20: Hurley is always the guy who breaks this kind of news to everybody. Always. ... Random thing on Jack: even though none of this is making any sense to him, he seems perfectly serene.
8:21: That's Ben's dad, dude! He's the janitor! ... And now he's abusing the young Ben. So, the eternal dilemma: protect an abused child, or allow him to become the genocidal mastermind he will be?
8:22: Great scene of Ben manipulating Sayid, just as he's been doing ever since he came on the scene. Does anybody else see a parallel between Sayid's captivity and Ben's time as "Henry Gale?"
8:23: Ben gives the classic fate/choice debate, only framing it so that Sayid appears to be a killer.
8:24: "I'm not what you think I am."
8:25: Sawyer subduing the Iraqi torture artist with a taser, and off we go into the jungle. What's that song playing there?
8:26: "He's our you." Fantastic. ... That's right: it's That Guy from Newhart -- I'm Larry, this is my brother Darryl, this is my other brother Darryl -- torturing Sayid.
8:27: A loss of control: a classic "Lost" ploy.
8:32: Back to the dock where Sayid walked away. ... Perhaps we're about to find out how he got himself arrested.
8:33: Was the girl who arrested Sayid -- currently cooing at him at a bar -- working for Ben, too?
8:34: Apparently, the problem with Sayid is his inability to change. He is what he is, it seems.
8:37: Sayid gets to deliver the unpleasant news about the Purge. ... Telling the truth isn't always believable.
8:38: Remember: last week, Sawyer made a big deal about "having a plan." Now he looks utterly befuddled.
8:40: Michelle Dessler looks upset. Also uses a great "24" line: "We have no choice."
8:46: Sayid seems to really have a weakness for women who want to kill/arrest him. Of course, in real life, Naveen Andrews has a pronounced British accent and sounds like a prancing schoolboy.
8:47: Is Sayid, in fact, going to answer for what he's done?
8:48: Now Sayid is talking about destiny and purpose. Obviously, he thinks execution is a proper answer for his crimes.
8:49: Has Kate gone to some length to make herself less ugly?
8:50: Dollar says this particular escape is being hatched by young Ben himself.
8:52: HaHA!!!!!
One note while we were in the break: how awesome was it that Anthony Grant (reportedly) visited Nick Saban's house during his visit to Tuscaloosa? Do you think coach Saban laid any of the snake oi ... er, recruiting charm? Not that $2 million per is hard to turn down, anyway.
8:57: Actually, I now have little doubt -- she's definitely working for Ben, either directly or otherwise.
8:58: So, as it turns out, it is indeed Sayid who turns young Ben to the Dark Side, once and for all. Assuming Ben is a bad guy, or, at least, worse than Widmore.
9:00: Ho. Ly. Hell.
(End of episode)

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