Monday, March 2, 2009

a slushy Monday morning ...

One thought from the weekend, that has nothing to do with the snow: I was able to talk The Redhead into going down to the BJCC with me Saturday afternoon — "We'll watch Vestavia in the state championship game!" — for the 6A basketball championship. At the time, I didn't realize what I was about to see. And if you haven't seen it, I suggest you take a look.
It's not often you stumble into something like that — a solid collegiate recruit playing on the state's biggest stage ... and actually coming through every time. There was one key sequence — noted in Beaudry's game story — when Bob Jones held a one-point lead and the momentum early in the fourth, with 44 appearing to have lost some steam (he hadn't touched the ball in at least two possessions). Having already texted my buddy Zach to the effect of, "TURN ON THE 6A FINAL AND WATCH 44 IN RED," I actually said to my wife, "They've gotta get it to 44 — this is his game, he's the man."
The words had barely left my mouth before the kid knocked down a tough step-back jumper to re-take the lead, then followed that with another ridiculous 3 as the Vestavia kids — who may have just figured out two weeks ago that the school even HAD a basketball team — went bonkers.
It was a remarkable sequence, and I'm not even sure "remarkable" is a strong enough word. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon, really.

On then, with the links.
— Ray Melick, on scene in Birmingham, discusses the failure of AU & UA to keep good in-state recruits ... um, in-state. Good points, all.
— It was a good week for Alabama sports, as Gentry Estes recounts. Bonus points for the cool snow pic outside BDS (he stole it from RBR, but still).
— Speaking of that good, Tower of Bammer has a fantastic perspective on how long it's actually been since Alabama won an SEC road game. Wow.
— While we're here, a weird factoid from the world of SEC hoop: in the last 9 meetings, Tennessee is 8-1 vs. Florida. No kidding. And that includes the two national championship teams. What does this mean? Maybe nothing — Billy Donovan's two ring-winning teams clearly turned things on when it mattered. Of course, to Ghost it can only mean one thing: OMGUTOWNZFLALOLZ!!!!
— While we're on the subject of Florida, EDSBS presents us updated Fulmer Cup standings for 2009. Please, Alabama, stay away from the standings.
— Since it's Monday, your requisite link to Peter King. One question, Pedro: why were you hanging out at an agent's condo in Boston at midnight? Seriously.

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