Friday, March 20, 2009

links, amid the wreckage of my bracket

Many apologies for my absence this week. I'm afraid I have no valid excuses -- my wife IS on Spring Break, and I do have a job and all ... but still.
Anyway, like most seasons, the bracket I filled out was rendered little more than a computer-generated curiosity after Day 1 of the tournament -- every year, I say I'm not going to do it again next year, and every year I forget that and fill one out anyway.
My one moment of bracket glory came in 2003, when I nailed Dwayne Wade and Marquette's upset of Rajon Rondo and top-seeded Kentucky. In actuality, I don't recall knowing that much about Marquette, aside from Wade's name (which I thought sounded suspiciously like the lead character in "A Different World"). But I had watched Kentucky for most of the season, and found them suspect as a contender for the championship (in other words, I got blind lucky).

Anyway, there's a certain free feeling one gets after his bracket goes the way of Hiroshima -- today I can enjoy the tournament without any stake in any of the games. Kind of like watching football on a weekend when Alabama's off -- no need for my stomach to churn at any point.
And also, since it's a tournament weekend, here's a video of a white guy falling on his face.

Fantastic. One of the better in-game dunks of all-time, frankly.

And so it goes -- your weekend links. I may have some "Lost" thoughts later, if I can ever get around to watching the episode.

-- First, on the 'Bama basketball front: Gentry Estes details the latest on the coaching situation, including Mark Gottfried's turn as a TV analyst. Meanwhile, Rapaport says the university is prepared to pony up for the new head coach. Hurry up and get your degree, Whit! Your alma mater needs you!
-- Baseball-related stuff: TCBB has a preview of this weekend in the SEC, and Braves prospect Tommy Hanson turns heads.
-- On the football front, Mr. CFB returns to ask questions about the SEC West in 2009. Barnhart's assessment that McElroy will definitely be the QB this fall because of experience is somewhat odd -- McElroy's stats don't include a single meaningful collegiate snap in two seasons. had a fantastic feature on Terrence Cody this week, in which he revealed -- among other things -- that the coaches want him to drop a few more pounds, and that he once had a woman ask him to sign her chest. Honestly? It makes me feel good that I made the dude my favorite player prior to last season -- I'm like a proud dad (one who's never actually met his child, but still).

Also in football, sits down with Andre Smith, looking to redeem his draft status.

-- Other 'Bama-related stuff and then we're done: a golf prodigy signs with the university, and the program's ongoing (and infuriating) lawsuit with Daniel A. Moore continues.
Way to lose the forest for the trees, guys. Well done.

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