Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: from a place not far from here

Today's "Will's-too-busy-to-blog-a-lot" video comes from an Iron Bowl that makes very little sense now: 1991.
It wasn't a particularly entertaining game from an aesthetic viewpoint. Its significance is twofold: a) the game was part of a win streak for 'Bama that stretched from the middle of 1991 until late 1993; b) it was Auburn's last home game ever at Legion Field (your eyes are not deceiving you -- those are AU logos, and that is Legion Field ... weird, I know). Two years later, the series ceased being the Iron Bowl for good when Auburn's home game moved to campus forever.

While we're here, a few other notable things about the game:
  • Note Matt Wellington kicking FGs for Alabama in this one -- Wellington fell into a one-year window between Philip Doyle (arguably the best kicker Alabama ever had, and that's saying something) and Michael Proctor (held the job basically from the day he stepped on campus). In a related story, Alabama had a terrible time with placekicking in 1991. 1A high schools have been better at it.
  • History has forgotten just how good David Palmer was at Alabama. Just seeing how much Auburn's defense -- a superior defensive team, whatever else was going on at the time -- respects him says something.
  • At the tail end of the vid, you can hear Mike Gottfried and Ron Franklin make reference to the Eric Ramsey Saga, a truly bizarre set of circumstances that ultimately led to Pat Dye's downfall on the Plains. The story of the tapes started to surface during the '91 season, and didn't fully come to a head until Thanksgiving '92, when Dye resigned (the night before the 'Bama game) and AU got walloped by the NCAA.
Speaking of Auburn, if you didn't already know, tonight the trophy comes back to Tuscaloosa for the first time in seven years, complete with the somewhat sophomoric tradition of the visiting SGA president singing the home team's fight song.
Roll Tide Roll.

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-D. said...

I hope this one does a better job than the last awbie president that had to sing. (That was in 2002...before I moved to Atlanta. Wow, that was a long time ago.) The dumb plow-pusher that had to sing that year didn't bother to learn the words, and made a quite half-hearted attempt at singing. Par for the course with those farmhands, I guess.