Monday, October 4, 2010

gameday texts: sequence four

Editor's Note: This week's "Gameday Texts" segment is a short one for two reasons: 1. I saw nearly everyone I normally text on gamedays in the flesh ... which was awesome but means we shared all our humorous observations in person; 2. As occasionally happens on a Tuscaloosa gameday, my phone actually sort of locked up ... no messages going out or coming in.
Our apologies, as always. Feel free to add any texts you may have received from me, for clarity's sake.

Pedro (10:23 a.m.): "ACC Football: it's almost basketball season, and then you'll be scared of us."

Jamie (11:10 a.m., regarding Auburn's football radio broadcast): You're actually listening to that?
Maguire (11:11 a.m., regarding Stan White): A real genius, that guy. And he would also like to sell you some insurance.
Dad (11:12 a.m.): My game is tag.
Jamie (11:17 a.m.): A day when u would think there would be no whining. Goo call. Also: AU 4 plays, 155 total yds.

Maguire (12:40 p.m.): I like Kentucky. There's good bourbon there.

Rob (1:22 p.m.): Rtr mofo!

Halcombe (3:48 p.m.): Who wins a old-fashioned girl slap fight: Nick or Urban? And posit this against the potential hissies each is liable to pitch on a questionable fumble.

Dad (4:05 p.m.): Btw tenn and LSU look bad.

Pedro (4:09 p.m.): Note to all females using port-a-potties in and around Tuscaloosa ... use the lock.

Dad (4:27 p.m.): All that orange.
Jamie (4:33 p.m.): Sorry to say. But I'm all ut today.

Jamie (4:38 p.m, regarding Texas' Will Muschamp): Over-rated (clap clap clap clap clap) over-rated.

Jamie (5:11 p.m.): Rockytop!
Dad (5:12 p.m.): How bout dem vols?
Jamie (5:39 p.m.): What do les miles and waffle house white bread have in common?
Jamie (5:39 p.m.): They are both toast! Made that up myself.

Moody (5:48 p.m.): Did u just see the cluster that was the end of the LSU game?
Moody (5:49 p.m.): Oh crap. 12 defenders on field so they are doing it again.
Moody (5:50 p.m.): Now they won.
Jamie (5:51 p.m.): I can. Not. Believe that.
Jamie (5:52 p.m.): Luckiest m----------- on the planet.
Dad (5:53 p.m.): The hat strikes again!

Maguire (6:59 p.m.): Let's give 'em hell ... Roll Tide.

Maguire (7:38 p.m.): Somebody should tell Urban Crier that Timmy is in Denver, and it helps if you have someone to catch that pass.

Maguire (8:10 p.m.): Boom! Keep punching them in the face.

Maguire (8:44 p.m.): So if you're Oscar — er, Urban Meyer, what adjustments do you make at the half?

Maguire (8:52 p.m.): If I were the band director, they'd play "In the Court of the Crimson King" and ELO's "Turn to Stone."
Maguire (8:57 p.m.): And something from Rush.

Maguire (9:19 p.m.): Brantley is terrible under pressure.

Moody (9:36 p.m.): I was just thinking that I was gonna have to call the family and disown (Emanuel Moody).

Pedro (9:42 p.m.): Got to say, as a fan, I want more of Scott Cochran demanding crowd noise. Those are awesome.

Jamie (9:43 p.m.): Been a long streak of mediocrity in Boulder as the fans rush the field after beating 1-4 Georgia.

Moody (9:49 p.m.): Sometimes it sucks to be a QB.

Pedro (9:56 p.m.): To hell with Georgia.

Maguire (10:14 p.m.): That's the defense I was looking for. Roll Tide.

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