Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday lines: Friday edition

My apologies for not having any lines up yesterday — real life and all that jazz. In a slightly related story, during Oregon's blitz of UCLA last night, I asked Jamie to compare Oregon to Auburn at this point. His response: "Oregon wins by 8-10." So ... there's that. Guess it's the Ducks' turn at the forefront of everyone's consciousness, for today, anyway.
This week's lines come from USA Today, and only because I felt like mixing things up a little.
South Florida (+8.5) at Cincinnati

Michigan St. (-7) at Northwestern
Penn St. (-9.5) at Minnesota
Purdue (+22.5) at Ohio St.
Rutgers (+12.5) at Pittsburgh
Iowa St. (+22) at Texas
Duke (+26) at Va. Tech
Syracuse (+16) at West Virginia
Indiana (+13) at Illinois
Notre Dame (-7) at Navy
Mississippi (+9.5) at Arkansas
Maryland (+5.5) at Boston College
LSU (+6) at Auburn
Arizona St. (+3) at Cal
Texas Tech (PICK) at Colorado
UConn (-1) at Louisville
Nebraska (-6) at Oklahoma St.
Ga. Tech (+5.5) at Clemson
Kansas St. (+7.5) at Baylor
Wisconsin (+5.5) at Iowa
South Carolina (-12.5) at Vanderbilt
UAB (+20) at Mississippi St.
Texas A&M (-14) at Kansas
Alabama (-16.5) at Tennessee
Georgia (-3.5) at Kentucky
North Carolina (+6.5) at Miami
Oklahoma (-3.5) at Missouri
Air Force (+18.5) at TCU
Washington (+7.5) at Arizona

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