Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thursday lines: let's move on

The best thing about the Alabama game not starting until 8: we should have a chance to see most of the games Saturday before we all have to pile into Bryant-Denny for Homecoming. And Lord, that line is way, way too high.
But we'll get to those in a moment. As always, feel free to voice your opinion here in the comments section, or by finding me on Twitter. God help us all.
Kansas St. (-3) at Kansas
South Florida (+10.5) at West Virginia

Cincinnati (-3) at Louisville

North Carolina St. (-7) at East Carolina
Illinois (+7) at Michigan St.
Minnesota (+5.5) at Purdue
Maryland (+15) at Clemson
Missouri (+3.5) at Texas A&M
Southern Miss (-14.5) at Memphis
Pittsburgh (+1) at Syracuse
Boston College (+22) at Florida St.
Vanderbilt (+14.5) at Georgia
Miami (-19.5) at Duke
UNLV (+3.5) at Colorado St.
Army (+7) at Rutgers
Western Michigan (+24) at Notre Dame
Arkansas (+4) at Auburn
California (+3) at USC
Oklahoma St. (+3.5) at Texas Tech
Texas (+10) at Nebraska
Iowa (-3.5) at Michigan
SMU (+1.5) at Navy
BYU (+29) at TCU
UTEP (+2.5) at UAB
South Carolina (-5) at Kentucky
Utah (-21) at Wyoming
North Carolina (-6.5) at Virginia
Iowa St. (+24) at Oklahoma
Mississippi St. (+7.5) at Florida
Ohio St. (-4) at Wisconsin
Baylor (-1) at Colorado
Arizona (-23.5) at Washington St.
Boise St. (-40) at San Jose St.
Mississippi (+21) at Alabama
Nevada (-7) at Hawaii


Peter said...

my initial assumption was that you were talking about being way too high was Auburn - Arkansas, after you texted me that the line was 40.

Now, I'm assuming you're talking about Ole Miss - Alabama. I'd say the odds-makers are making that based on Ole Miss' season thus far, failing to realize the way Houston Nutt teams play to the level of their competition. I'm thinking it'll be closer, unless the team decides to prove they're better than they showed last week, then all bets are off.

dbh said...

Actually, the text I sent you was about the over/under for the Auburn game, which is 60. You don't think Auburn & Arkansas can put up 60 points together? C'mon.