Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday lines: Open University

An early look at this weekend in college football, courtesy the good people at USA Today.
Florida St. (-3) at North Carolina St.

West Virginia (-7) at Connecticut

Clemson (-7) at Boston College
Louisville (+11) at Pittsburgh
Miami (-15) at Virginia
Purdue (+15) at Illinois
Oklahoma St. (-6) at Kansas St.
UAB (+10) at Southern Miss
(Note: Last year the Blazers took down USM on a Thursday night at Legion Field for the "breakthrough" win of the 2009 season ... only it didn't work out that way.)
Tennessee (+17.5) at South Carolina
(Note: You could see the Vols pulling this one off, right? I mean, it wouldn't totally shock you? It wouldn't totally shock me.)
Kansas (+19) at Iowa St.
(Note: I suppose this would be the part where I make some snarky comment about the guy Auburn could've hired coaching against one of the guys Auburn ran out of town after 2008. I could do that, but I won't.)
Tulsa (+8.5) at Notre Dame
Arizona (-10) at UCLA
(Note: Not nearly enough has been made of the turnaround at Arizona under Mike Stoops, which has been consistently overshadowed in the conference by Oregon, Stanford and USC. The Wildcats, right now, are a mere 2 points from being undefeated and in the national championship conversation. No kidding.)
Wake Forest (+5) at Maryland
Missouri (+7) at Nebraska
Cal (+3.5) at Oregon St.
Texas Tech (+5) at Texas A&M
Michigan St. (+6.5) at Iowa
Florida (+3) vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)
(Note: Florida's getting 3? Really? C'mon, man.)
Duke (+14.5) at Navy
FIU (-6) at FAU
(Note: I only included this line so I could link to this incredible video of FAU's color analyst melting down on-air during last week's loss to Arkansas State. Actually, "incredible" doesn't quite cover it.)
Auburn (-7) at Mississippi
Vanderbilt (+22) at Arkansas
Baylor (+7) at Texas
(Note: Guess who would win the Big XII South if the season ended today.)
Stanford (-7.5) at Washington
Kentucky (+6.5) at Mississippi St.
Utah (-7) at Air Force
Oregon (-6.5) at USC
Michigan (-1) at Penn St.
Colorado (+24) at Oklahoma
Idaho (+14.5) at Hawaii

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