Monday, October 11, 2010

gameday texts: sequence V

This week's edition of "Gameday Texts" is a bit different from most, since it begins on a sour note and pretty much ends that way. As always, those who receive texts from me should feel free to post those or let me know on Twitter. Time stamps are 100 percent accurate, and names appear as they appear in my phone book.
Whit (10:41 a.m.): OK I think I really like Dooley. I still hate UT but I like Dooley.
Whit (12:44 p.m.): What are we serving tonight, the chicken or the chicken?
Whit (12:49 p.m.): Richt at halftime — they nasty ... they lowdown ... they some snitches.

Maguire (1:24 p.m.): What worries you most about this game? I'm starting to get a little nervous.

Moody (1:40 p.m.): I'm with my buddy JR. We were just talking about how they should just put UT, Vandy, UTC, Sewanee, Rhodes and a few others into the "new Tennesee conf."

Whit (1:41 p.m.): The Zooker!

Jamie (2:43 p.m.): The McElroy undefeated streak is becoming the "Green and Pollack grew up together" story of this decade. In other words, yeah, I heard.

Pedro (3:08 p.m.): Julia's response to the Hanks drop — "heck, heck, heck." Funny part of it — pretty sure she learned that from her Nana.
Maguire (3:13 p.m.): WHY can we not bring anybody to the ground?

Whit (3:15 p.m.): Well ... that looked easy.
Maguire (3:23 p.m.): Son of a bitch.

Whit (3:30 p.m.): God, you are so depressing.
Maguire (3:30 p.m.): Hey, there's plenty of time left.

Chad C (3:30 p.m.): WTF? Did the secondary make the bus?
Halcombe (3:37 p.m.): Headlines out of Columbia: Crimson Tide overcomes strong showing from Cocks.

Jamie (3:38 p.m.): Gonna have to hand off in WC every now and then.
Jamie (3:39 p.m.): 1 thing is certain. There will be 44 sore individuals tomorrow.
Maguire (4:02 p.m.): What the crap?! More inexcusable garbage.
Maguire (4:06 p.m.): What do we do differently in the second half?

Eric St. Clair (4:08 p.m.): I want to have a text on your text msg blog post.
Dad (4:09 p.m.): Nothing to say.
Whit (4:09 p.m.): Wish I had some ribs like last week.

Whit (4:17 p.m.): Zook'd.
Whit (4:20 p.m.): I contend that you're not yelling loud enough.

Maguire (4:30 p.m.): I sure hope this is the momentum shift we need.
Whit (4:30 p.m.): He is sooo dumb!
Chad C (4:30 p.m.): Christmas in October?
Maguire (4:32 p.m.): Because he's fumbled several times this year. Probably coached to give up 2 rather than 6 because of that.

Whit (4:34 p.m.): Right tackle moved early on 4th down attempt.
Eric St. Clair (4:45 p.m.): Eh well. I'm not gonna have anything outrageous.

Maguire (4:52 p.m.): Dont'a doesn't look like he is playing full speed.
Dad (4:53 p.m.): Ball game.

Maguire (4:58 p.m.): We really need to shape up. I can stomach getting beat by a better team, but I can't take these stupid mistakes and beating ourselves.

Jamie (5:06 p.m.): Marquis killed Marquis.
Dad (5:09 p.m.): Can't stop anybody today.

Maguire (5:11 p.m.): LOWERY!
Jamie (5:12 p.m.); Good call, good def play.
Jamie (5:15 p.m.): Nice gd bomb.

Maguire (5:16 p.m.): WTF?! We need points on the board. Do we not trust Shelley?

Maguire (5:22 p.m.): I trust him more than a trick play at this point in the game. Odds of success are probably better, especially from the middle of the field.

Dad (5:25 p.m.): Over the top is a TD.
Maguire (5:26 p.m.): That's a hell of a throw and catch.
Eric St. Clair (5:30 p.m.): These refs are terrible. They didn't throw a flag on Kirkpatrick's pass interference.

Maguire (5:36 p.m.): What has happened to our O-line today?
Maguire (5:51 p.m.): Can we pull off a miracle?
Maguire (5:52 p.m.): I guess not.

Jamie (5:49 p.m.): That's a nice friggin unbeaten run.

Maguire (5:54 p.m.): It was bound to happen eventually ... still sucks though.
Pedro (5:58 p.m.): Hopefully we'll see 'em in Atlanta.

Dad (5:57 p.m.): Probably won't beat Auburn.

Dad (9:11 p.m.): Btw do you have to catch the pass on the fake FG?
Dad (9:20 p.m.): At least now there are no more streaks to talk about.

Jamie (7:06 p.m.): What a difference 1 player makes.
Jamie (7:40 p.m.): It's football. Not ballet.

Pedro (9:27 p.m.): I think I'll instruct everyone to call your firstborn Joker, regardless of their given name, or their gender.

Jamie (9:55 p.m.): You think Les knows what day it is?

Dad (9:59 p.m.): At least the Yankees win.

Jamie (10:39 p.m.): Remember when getting the ball back with a minute to score seemed insurmountable?

Moody (Sunday, 2:03 p.m.): I meant to tell us last night, but if Stan White would have said, "UK seems to have most of their offensive success when they start with a short a field," I think I would have been forced to email a complaint to ol' Mike and the Auburn Network. I mean how much school did it take to get that kind of insight/

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