Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday lines: tortured logic

This weekend should be a fun one, even if some of the lines that have come out make absolutely no sense (you'll see in a minute). As always, this week's lines come courtesy of Please enjoy.
Nebraska (-10) at Kansas St.
(Note: Anyone else think this one could be fun? You wouldn't rule it out, right?)
Connecticut (-3.5) at Rutgers
(Note: Remember when Greg Schiano was the hottest coaching name on the circuit? He was considered a candidate for the Miami job, and turned it down because everyone assumed he was waiting on Joe Paterno to retire or die, so he could have the Penn State job. Well ... Penn State probably won't go near him now, right? His record since the magical Thursday night vs. Louisville: 29-18, and he's coming off two straight losses to outmanned North Carolina and Tulane. Yes, Tulane.)
Oklahoma St. (-22) at La.-Lafayette
Syracuse (+10) at South Florida
Boston College (+10.5) at North Carolina St.
Indiana (+24) at Ohio St.
Illinois (+9) at Penn St.
Minnesota (+20.5) at Wisconsin
Baylor (+2) at Texas Tech
(Note: Does it make Ga. Tech fans feel better or worse that Kansas gave up 55 to Baylor last week? Worse, right?)
Tennessee (+10) at Georgia
(Note: Actually opened at UGA by 13. UGA by 13? The same UGA team that's in the process of quitting on its season and its coach? The one that absolutely won't have a home-field advantage because its home fans will boo vociferously and possibly riot like soccer fans? They're favored by 2 TDs? Really?)
Memphis (+15) at Louisville
Colorado St. (+23) at Air Force
UCLA (+8) at California
Virginia (+8) at Ga. Tech
Pittsburgh (+6) at Notre Dame
Michigan St. (+3.5) at Michigan
Clemson (+1.5) at North Carolina
Arkansas (+7) at Texas A&M
Alabama (-8) at South Carolina
(Note: These lines are causing me to quote Antoine Dodson repeatedly.

Like that.)
Wyoming (+34) at TCU
(Note: I remain convinced that TCU & Boise are locks to cover these spreads — as I said last week, they need as many style points as possible.)
Oregon (-34) at Washington St.
Oregon St. (+9.5) at Arizona
Navy (-5.5) at Wake Forest
Utah (-7) at Iowa St.
Colorado (+12) at Missouri
(Note: This meeting will bring back fond memories of the famous "Fifth Down Game" from 1991.)
LSU (+7.5) at Florida
Purdue (+10.5) at Northwestern
Auburn (-9) at Kentucky
USC (+8.5) at Stanford
Mississippi St. (-3) at Houston
Florida St. (+7) at Miami
Hawaii (+10) at Fresno St.

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