Sunday, April 13, 2008

a brief plug

We DID manage to hit up A-Day yesterday -- for a half, anyway. Sorry, but the weather (and everything else) was too pretty to sit still watching football practice for too long (I do that in my regular job enough already). In any case, I'll have a few more thoughts on that experience later in the day. Very quickly, however, I wanted to plug my uncle's candidacy for Mayor of Opelika, on the off-chance that any registered Opelikans are reading this blog and might be swayed.

His Web site is located here, where you'll find a copy of the letter announcing his candidacy for the mayoral office. Also, he has a myspace account, which -- in all honesty -- is hilarious (the idea of my uncle navigating myspace -- OMG UR SO HOTT!!11!!).

Back with some football stuff later.


1 comment:

Peggy said...

He's got my vote. I'm not a huge Gary Fuller fan.