Wednesday, April 2, 2008

puff pieces galore

Links today are all about feature stories, all of them related to spring training in Tuscaloosa. Before we get into any of that, however, I present to you the scary story of The Druid, who ran off the road in Tuscaloosa yesterday and survived to tell the tale, with only a little wounded pride and three busted tires. Let's all pause for a moment and think about all the stupid things we've done when behind the wheel of a car, and how lucky we are to still be here.
Whew. I feel sheepish.
Fortunately, TD is just fine, and apparently no worse for the wear. All of us in the blogosphere are grateful, if only because we get to (hopefully) read another imagined phone call before too much longer.

And with that ... we're off.
• Wondered why Terry Grant was so slow at the end of last season? Rap Sheet has more.
• Tim Gayle takes a hard look at Jimmy Johns, Alabama linebacker.
• If you're into linebackers, the AP had a good story today about Rolando McClain, now (gulp) Alabama's most experienced LB.
• As always, the most in-depth spring practice coverage comes from OTS, as part of the '98 Yankees-esque team at RBR.
• Finally, if you're a football geek (like me), you'll love this: SMQ gives you an in-depth look at how Paul Johnson's flex-bone offense worked at Navy. It's a thing of beauty, and I don't mean that facetiously.

Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.


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TideDruid said...

"read another imagined phone call before too much longer."

I'll start on one tonight just for you, Will. Thanks for the kind thoughts.