Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday morning links

A significant week coming up for us here at the Party, for a few reasons:
-- "Lost" is back on Thursday (yes, I'm on pins and needles).
-- There's a race this weekend you may have heard about, possibly (hopefully) my last.

Anyway, there were some good stories that bore linking from over the weekend, so let's get a jump on things by getting them up.
-- Can't believe I missed this one from last week: poor Antoine Caldwell's name was misspelled on his cement block at Denny Chimes. Needless to say, UA's getting a ton of great publicity out of it.
-- Speaking of mistakes, someone at CNN did this last week. Great.
-- Continuing his well-established pattern of promoting the hell out of himself, Ian Rapaport sits down with Picture Me Rollin, revealing that he and Saban don't actually hate each other.
I don’t really focus on his personality. Sometimes he sounds loud because he is being loud but I’m not focusing in on that. I’m thinking about the follow up question, not the tone he is talking in. I will say this; it’s a shame that people judge him based only what they see of him on television, because there is more to him than that and no one should be judged based solely on what the say in front of the camera. That’s not really who he is.
-- While we're on the subject of Sabans, the AP moved a story over the weekend about ... Terry Saban, aka, the Saban Who's Easy to Get Along With.
-- LATE ADD: Cecil talks about Alabama's drought of first-rounders in today's column.

From outside the Bamasphere ...
-- Proving that Saban isn't the only coach in America who ties up with reporters occasionally, Joe Paterno has a go-round with a Penn State columnist, even suggesting he can walk around State College without being recognized. Wait ... JoePa can walk?
-- As always, because it's Monday, you should read Couch Slouch. And since the NFL Draft is this weekend, Peter King is probably a good thing to read this week, as well.

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-D. said...

Possibly your last race, eh? What kinds of other opportunities are you considering?

And that MSNBC gaffe was pretty funny, although I'm not sure whether it reflects more poorly on them or on Auburn. Still, it reminds me of something that Leon Douglas once allegedly said: "If someone in Los Angeles asks you and you say 'I played at Alabama,' everyone knows what that means. If you had to say 'I played at Auburn,' that would be about like saying 'I played at Rutgers.' Where the hell is Rutgers?"