Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some Tuesday hilariousness

Since it's Tax Day, I figured we could all use some humor (my taxes are done, thankfully, but some others out there may not be so fortunate). So thanks to all these people for being funny.

• Tim Tebow, MD? It can happen, says SMQ.
• Speaking of Tax Day, Druid provides us with some funny quotations about taxation. Because, after all, taxation with quotation is tyranny. Or something like that.
• Are you funny enough to write the caption for this picture from A-Day? The guys at EDSBS are.
• Not sure if this is funny. But I think it is.
• Being a beat writer can be dangerous, says Jeff Pearlman.
• And, of course, Norman Chad — always funny.

Finally, for some hilarious video, here's James Gregory riffing on people ... well, people like me.


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