Monday, April 7, 2008

Hilarity ensues

You know what makes the Internet great? Oh, there are like a thousand things? Well, I'm voting for the overwhelming amount of funny things that make life seem less serious as my favorite. With that in mind, some links that might make you chuckle.

• How to get yourself suspended in public: an Arizona football player digs deep. Seriously.

• Norman Chad actually watches 24 straight hours of ESPN and lives to tell the tale. Yikes.

• ESPN columnist pokes fun at Emmitt Smith, ESPN personality — bosses don't see the humor.

• SMQ discusses the affinity Southerners have for calling their coach "Coach."

• Fire Joe Morgan does what Fire Joe Morgan does.

• Finally, EDSBS runs an absolutely hilarious page of corrections.

One more bit of humor — Patton Oswalt discusses the phenomenon that is the KFC Famous Bowl.

Have a nice Monday, everybody.


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