Friday, April 25, 2008

"Lost" Friday: sitting here at 'Dega

Wanted to give a comprehensive rundown of what happened in the return of "Lost" last night, a show I actually saw on its first air (got off work a little early -- another story for another time). Unfortunately, that's not happening this morning, since I'm currently sitting in the media center listening to a bored Ryan Newman answer questions at Talladega Superspeedway. Perhaps we'll have more later.

I will say the episode was worth the wait -- Ben Linus affirmed his status as a bad mofo, Kate nearly exposed her chest, Jack started down the path to the addiction we saw later and Sawyer somehow ran through a 150-yard hail of bullets from trained soldiers (who hit three other people on the first shot) without even a grazing shot (maybe they missed him on purpose?). Beyond that, it's difficult to get too in-depth at the moment.

For the episode synopsis, click here. For analysis, try TBL and EW.

Holla back.


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