Thursday, April 24, 2008

links today are all over the map

We've got a little bit of everything for today. Don't want to spoil it with too much of an intro, so here goes ...

• Race Week, as some of you may know, is upon us. So don't look for much over the weekend from me. For solid Talladega coverage, try Sunday Thunder, maintained by Consolidated.
• NFL Draft? Also this weekend. Here are some draft sleepers from Dog the Bounty Hunter, courtesy SMQ.
• Also this weekend: NCAA gymnastics. I-Rap has some nuggets from that. Apparently, it's getting a little testy. Seriously.
• The Wiz has some outstanding photos from UCLA spirit squad tryouts ... where none other than Ricky Neuheisel himself was an observer.
• EDSBS tells you how to win the heart of a Georgia fan.
• Our good friend Kurt Branch checks in from with some lame music. Give it a try and I bet you like it.
• Waking from a slumber that lasted nearly a month, Peter von Herrmann checks in with thoughts on the papal visit to America.
• Finally, another award-winning cartoon from Bee-yuhtiful.


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