Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like most people in America whose sentiments aren't blinded by politics, I struggle with how to handle Sept. 11. I sometimes wonder how, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, I can properly consecrate, dedicate and hallow the event, without abusing it (and, as some are fond of doing, turning it into a political weapon, a despicable approach that sullies the memory of what happened).

In any case, I won't try. I will say that Stacey & I visited Ground Zero in late July, and it was too much to handle -- yes, even for me, a kid from Alabama who has visited NYC exactly once since he was in the fifth grade. The raw nerves are personified by the gaping hole in the middle of the city.

Anyway, here's the best way I know to memorialize the day -- this video is taken from that day, when a joint gathering of Congress met to stage a press conference. Don't ask me why I remember this, but I recall seeing this happen while waiting on my food at Milo's in Tuscaloosa.

Back with weekend lines later on.


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