Sunday, September 7, 2008

quick hits from Saturday

Got in a little late last night, and headed out early this morning. But before hitting the road, here are some quick, very scattered thoughts from Saturday ...

-- Not a huge surprise, what happened in Tuscaloosa last night. Ironically, they played a Gene Stallings tribute at halftime -- ironic, of course, because Saturday night's result was one Bebes' teams were notorious for playing.
-- Here are my friend Zach Alsbrook's reactions to the notion that Chris Todd claimed Auburn's starting job on Saturday: "(Expletive) ... (expletive) ... he (expletive deleted, expletive) ... and I hope he dies. Is that blunt enough for you?"
-- Lost in the furor over the silly celebration foul called against Washington: what about BYU storming through to block the kick? Really, that kick wouldn't have been good no matter where they tried it -- the Cougs stormed through and slapped it down before it ever left the kicker's foot.
-- Game of the night: South Florida over Central Florida. And you think I'm kidding.
-- Apparently, we have to re-assess this whole "Ole Miss" situation. That Snead kid has a chance to become Houston Nutt's Matt Jones 2.0: ugly as hell but somehow effective. Just saying.
-- Speaking of that game, not only did the color analyst in that game use the word "laterability" at one point, he briefly drew something on the screen that looked an awful lot like a phallus. And then his play-by-play guy agreed that "laterability" was a great word to use.
-- Maybe the most impressive performance of the day: Georgia, who crushed a pretty decent Central Michigan team one week prior to opening SEC play (when they seemed ripe for an upset or at least one of those "we're looking ahead and this game is closer than it should be" games, like Ohio St. played).
-- Of course, that's leaving out East Carolina. They're really good, whether we like it or not.
-- And finally, and I know I do this at least once every year, but ... I mean ... VANDY!!!!

More later. As always, the standards for every Saturday are AA, Dr. S and RBR.


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