Friday, September 26, 2008

a "Lost" Friday: I didn't believe it either, and I saw it

In honor of last night's unbelievable USC choke job, we're posting one of the more ingenious moments in "Lost" history.

More unbelievable: the Sox winning the Series? Or USC gagging like choking dogs on Thursday night against a truly awful Oregon St. team? It's a toss-up, right?

One more note: Starting soon, this blog will no longer belong to a sportswriter but a former sportswriter. I'm moving over to Pell City to take over The St. Clair Times, our company's free weekly located in the fastest-growing county in the state. So I'll still be newspapering, just not in a sportswriting position.
Not only does it mean better hours and different assignments -- I finally get to be an honest-to-God 'Bama fan again. Which means, really, we're all winners here.
Roll Tide Roll. Have a great weekend, everybody.


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