Monday, September 29, 2008

the love-fest continues ...

Into Monday.
Breaking coach Saban's hallowed "24-hour rule," columnists and bloggers throughout the land are making a concerted effort to pump as much air as possible into Alabama and its fan base (I abhor the term "Bama Nation" and will post a video of myself shooting nails into my feet if I ever use it again). Perhaps it's more fun that way — you know, so that when the balloon pops, there's that much more of a fallout. Or perhaps I should stop being such a fatalist and just enjoy the ride. Whatever.
Whatever the case, a LOT of love is in the air for 'Bama today, from the polls to the national writers. A quick rundown ...

— According to BCS Guru, guess who'd be #1 if the BCS were released today?
— John Parker wins SEC Offensive Player of the Week. Also, blood starts pouring from the sky.
— examines the reason behind the Tide's high ranking.
— And finally, EDSBS gives us gratuitous animation showing poor Matthew Stafford in Final Destination.

Some other links ...
— Because it is Monday, read Peter King. Also Norman Chad, who discusses the BCS this week.
— ESPN destroys tasteless Gameday signs? Deadspin has the story.


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