Thursday, September 18, 2008

lines on the mirror, lines on your face ...

And lines on a Thursday.

As with last week, this week's lines come courtesy of

West Virginia (-3) at Colorado
Baylor (+12.5) at UConn
Central Michigan (+10.5) at Purdue
Mississippi St. (+8) at Georgia Tech
(Note: Scary game if you're a bettor. State's defense is good enough to cause Tech problems. On the other hand, they can't score any points against any competent defense, which it appears Tech has.)
East Carolina (-7.5) at North Carolina St.
Alabama (-10) at Arkansas
(Note: Really?)
Central Florida (+10.5) at Boston College
Arizona (-3) at UCLA
(Note: If you're betting on any game Pac-10 game this season that doesn't involve USC, well ... you could save time by just lighting your wallet on fire.)
Notre Dame (+9) at Michigan St.
Florida (-7.5) at Tennessee
Virginia Tech (+3) at North Carolina
Wake Forest (+4) at Florida St.
Vanderbilt (+7) at Ole Miss
LSU (-3) at Auburn
Georgia (-7) at Arizona St.


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Robert said...

Given recent history, ten points over Arkansas on the road seems like a heck of lot. I mean I'd like to win big, but...