Sunday, September 14, 2008

thoughts from Week 3 ...

Nothing much to say about the Tide -- they played the way an SEC team is supposed to play against Western Kentucky, got an early lead and stepped on the gas when it was necessary to remove all doubt. That's the way it's supposed to be.
As Todd opined today, and something Cecil Hurt echoed, Alabama fans still don't know a great deal about their team just yet. Except they would almost certainly win the ACC. Then again, so would Vanderbilt.
Maybe the most interesting wrinkle from the last two weeks of listening to Alabama on the radio has been CTSN's rather bizarre decision to replace Kenny Stabler in the booth through some sort of odd ex-player committe. Last week, Eli -- a consummate pro as a play-by-play guy, no matter what else you think of him (and I could go on for days) -- was forced to share the booth with Roger Schultz, who's a nice guy and a fun personality, but not the sort of person you want describing a football game over the radio. Needless to say, the broadcast was as disjointed as the game itself.
Yesterday, Schultz was out -- in his place was the immortal Prince Wimbley. Honestly, this threw me. Prince Wimbley? I had no idea Prince was even still living in Alabama, much less interested in broadcasting. Prince sounded over his head for most of the afternoon, and had a hard time getting in any words through the always obtrusive Tom Roberts (a decent studio host, but someone who should be reading from a script at all times).
So that was pretty much the game. The season starts for real again this week at Arkansas. And ohbytheway, I have two tickets to that one that I'm trying to unload. So let me know if you're interested (

For a complete recap of Saturday's Alabama game, check out BSR. And for the rest of the games that mattered, read Dr. Saturday.

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