Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wednesday youtube features some barbecued hawg

Following the Clemson game, we covered the failures of Alabama football since 2000 -- with a few exceptions, it's been a horror show for the Tide on the biggest stages.
Remarkably, one of the opponents that's consistently provided fans with big moments has been Arkansas. For example, everyone remembers Shaud Williams' smoke draw in Fayetteville in 2002.

That was the same night -- and they make brief mention of it in the vid -- that Brodie Croyle arrived as an Alabama QB. Arguably, it was one of his better games while he was in Tuscaloosa (and one of his best ever, given how his pro career has gone to this point).

And, of course, everyone remembers this:

Since I don't think I can get away without posting some AU-LSU youtube, look for that tomorrow, as well. The SEC delivers the goods on a weekly basis anyway, but those two always make for something extra-special.


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