Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wednesday youtube can't follow yesterday's post

It's a little like "The Who" coming on after Hendrix -- it's not that this post isn't good, but how do you follow yesterday?
(Note: A few of my Auburn friends were concerned because they said they didn't realize how much Alabama fans hate Georgia. In actuality, they don't -- but if you're raised a Tech fan, I mean, how can you not? Georgia isn't like Alabama, where two fan bases basically share the state -- UGA fans dominate that state to the point that some of them buy Ga. Tech season tickets, just so they can have prime seats when the 'Dawgs visit there each November. I'm not kidding, by the way -- I recall covering a Thursday-night home game against Maryland where a number of them showed up just to heckle the Teckities. Not cool.)

In any case, we'll soldier on here -- it's Wednesday, which means Youtube nostalgia. People don't realize it, but Alabama and Georgia have played some memorable games over the years, beginning with (as far as I can recall) with a 1965 season-opener in Athens, won by Georgia on a hook-and-lateral where the first receiver lateraled on his knees (the first game of the Vince Dooley era, incidentally). And of course, UGA has claimed two memorable victories in Tuscaloosa in recent years -- 2002 and 2007.
Today we'll focus on two of 'Bama's more memorable wins in the series, beginning with the season-opener in 1985.

(And yes, that's Mike Shula throwing the game-winning TD. He had a knack for that.)

Then there's one of my favorite 'Bama games of all-time: the 1994 win in Tuscaloosa, the night Jay Barker became the talk of Sunday School classrooms around the country.

Late add: The following vid was taken from youtube, via If you're at work, keep the volume low, but listen for the line halfway through:

We'll see if this Saturday can be as memorable as either of those games. Lord knows, this post won't be as memorable as yesterday's.


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