Wednesday, September 1, 2010

family conversations, 2010 version, part 5 (Jamie makes picks)

Welcome back to "Family Conversations," a much-beloved running segment in which I trade emails with my cousin's husband (cousin-in-law?) Jamie regarding 'Bama football, Auburn football and life in general (you can learn all about Jamie's fabulous and lucrative life as a member of our family on their blog).
This week, a different wrinkle: Jamie makes his picks for the weekend (I'm holding mine till Friday). Honesty compels me to report that I received these Tuesday, before we found out what happened to Mark Ingram. So take that for what it's worth.

Week 1 fearless predictions
Northwestern @ Vanderbilt - Dores play inspired football for their new head coach, Champ Kind but that will only last about 1 quarter.

Cats - 31 Dores - 14
Memphis @ Miss St. - Against a team Ole Miss usually opens with, and usually struggles with, the Bulldog faithful will give a gratifying thumping to one of the many other schools up north.
State - 45 Memphis - 13
Southern Miss @ South Carolina - This isn't your 10th grade's Southern Miss. Cocks will do what they do every year on the opening Thursday night, play boring football for a while then out talent the other team (USM this year) in the 4th qtr.
Cocks - 27 USM - 14
Jacksonville St @ Ole Miss - Did you know that the grove is the coolest place in all the land to tailgate?
Rebs - 42 JSU - 10
UT Martin @ Tennessee - Holy Cow this one could be interesting. Tennessee has conference USA talent and Martin knows it. I mean it, this might be interesting
Tenn - 24 UT Martin 17
Kentucky @ Louisville - In the NAACP bowl, 2 new coaches make their debut, I just think UK has more horses
UK - 30 Louisville - 20
Tenn Tech @ Arkansas - Any time a Petrino offense plays someone their defense can stop, they are liable to score 100. Protecting Ryan Mallett will be priroty #1 which is why they will get a little over halfway there.
Arky - 56 Tenn Tech - 10
Miami (OH) @ Florida - John Brantly needs the work to get game ready so he'll stay in for a little longer. Florida is still loaded
UF - 63 Miami (OH) - 13
LSU vs UNC - Offensive statisticians should just stay home. If you like defense (or in some cases bad offense) buy a 50 yd line seat.
LSU 10 UNC 9
Arkansas St @ Auburn - All that keeps going through my head is the near upset of Iowa last year. That shouldn't happen but Auburn had better be ready to play. The need to get some young defenders game ready will cost some points.
AU - 42 AK St 21
San Jose @ Bama - Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt, Don't get hurt... (editor's note: we got hurt)
Bama - 54 SJS 6

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