Wednesday, September 8, 2010

family conversations, 2010 version, part 6 (Jamie makes more picks)

Welcome back to "Family Conversations," a much-beloved running segment in which I trade emails with my cousin's husband (cousin-in-law?) Jamie regarding 'Bama football, Auburn football and life in general (you can learn all about Jamie's fabulous and lucrative life as a member of our family on their blog).
As with last week, a different wrinkle: Jamie makes his picks for the weekend (I'm holding mine till Friday, for real this time).

Jamie: AU @ MSU - State fans have pointed to this game because it is a winnable game against a decent team. I am going back and forth on this but I think we will have too much. AU fans have jumped off the bridge about the defense, yet I am comfortable. Expect a better defensive effort this week. AU 38 MSU 20

UGA @ SOUTH CAROLINA - With Florida's struggles last week, this might be the year of the cock! SC 23 UGA 21

LSU @ VANDERBILT - Only Les Miles could win a big season opener and come out of it looking bad. Vandy plays inspired, I'm just not man enough to go there. LSU 27 VANDY 13

W KENTUCKY @ KENTUCKY - Hilltoppers get Hilltopped...UK 41 WKU 14

LA MONROE @ ARKANSAS - Steven Ensminger is heads Ryan Mallet is tails...It's tails ARKY 49 LAMO 16

S. FLORIDA @ FLORIDA - Florida is still pretty good UF 35 S FLA 17

OLE MISS @ TULANE - This one would be funny but I'll give the Nutters the benefit of the doubt OM 38 TULANE 17

OREGON @ TENNESSEE - This is Derek Dooley's 1st shot at making a statement. I predicted a suprisingly close game last week and was wrong. I am still convinced UT sucks OREGON 31 UT 14

PENN ST @ ALABAMA - True Freshman QB going into BDS. Could be a recipe for disaster. ALA 30 PSU 13

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