Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday lines: starting your fall off right

It's a gorgeous day outside. So make sure you check these lines, make your picks and hurry off. As always, lines come from Please feel free to leave your own thoughts about these games in the comments section or on Twitter.
Texas A&M (+3.5) at Oklahoma St.
BYU (-6.5) at Utah St.
La.-Monroe (+33.5) at Auburn
(Note: Go ahead, make the joke ... I know you want to. Fine. Got that out of your system? Good. Be sure to stop by and see our new trophy while you're here.)
Vanderbilt (+7.5) at Connecticut
Northwestern (-6) at Minnesota
Kentucky (+2) at Mississippi
Miami (Fla.) (-2.5) at Clemson
Kansas (+8.5) at Baylor
Florida St. (-7) at Virginia
Temple (-3) at Army
Ohio St. (-17.5) at Illinois
TCU (-34.5) at Colorado St.
[Editor's Note: Thursday lines were interrupted so I could go out and take pictures of an overturned 18-wheeler blocking a state highway. Sorry.]
Navy (+9) at Air Force
Washington St. (+26.5) at UCLA
Michigan (-14.5) at Indiana
Tennessee (+14.5) at LSU
(Note: A tough game to call: Tennessee's terrible, but LSU can't be trusted. Ever.)
Wisconsin (-1.5) at Michigan St.
Va. Tech (-5.5) at North Carolina St.
East Carolina (+10.5) at North Carolina
Texas (+3.5) vs. Oklahoma (Dallas)
Duke (+7.5) at Maryland
Arizona St. (+5) at Oregon St.
Georgia (-3.5) at Colorado
Texas Tech (-9) at Iowa St.
Ga. Tech (-10) at Wake Forest
Louisville (+6) at Arkansas St.
Washington (+10) at USC
Notre Dame (-1.5) at Boston College
Boise St. (-40) at New Mexico St.
(Note: To me, Boise has to be the biggest lock of the season to cover these cupcake games, not just because they're so much better, but because they have to score every point they can to have any shot at a BCS berth. Seriously.)
Florida (+9) at Alabama
(Note: Already down to 7 in most places.)
Stanford (+6) at Oregon
Penn St. (+6.5) at Iowa
Nevada (-19.5) at UNLV

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