Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday lines: a veritable buffet

This weekend, quite simply, is jam-packed full of action. There's really no reason to leave the house unless it's to see a game; even Friday promises to be good, with an eye-popping Clay Co. at Leeds matchup just down the street from my house.
No line for that game, fortunately. But there are plenty of others for this weekend. Lines today come courtesy of Without further ado ...
Auburn (-2.5) at Mississippi State
West Virginia (-13.5) at Marshall
UTEP (+20) at Houston
(Note: Anybody else remember this one from last year?)
Memphis (+13.5) at East Carolina
Duke (+5) at Wake Forest
San Jose St. (+38) at Wisconsin
Hawaii (+3) at Army
Michigan St. (-29) at Fla. Atlantic
(Note: This looks like a joke line, of some sort. Then again, FAU's the same team that needed a hgue comeback and a blocked FG to beat UAB last week.)
Ga. Tech (-14) at Kansas
(Note: Overlooked embarrassment of the week: Turner Gill losing his opener at KU to North Dakota St. Yikes. By the way, I'll never think of Turner Gill without thinking of this hilarious post at EDSBS.)
Georgia (+3) at South Carolina
(Note: Feel free to shake your head at the continuing saga of A.J. Green. It's OK.)
South Florida (+16) at Florida
(Note: I guess there's no need to remind everybody of what the Bulls did last year vs. FSU? Everybody remembers? OK, good.)
Idaho (+28) at Nebraska
Colorado (+9) at California
Michigan (+4) at Notre Dame
(Note: This game has great name recognition but very little else.)
Florida St. (+7.5) at Oklahoma
Iowa St. (+14) at Iowa
Ga. Southern (+26) at Navy
(Note: The battle of Paul Johnson's former employers! This game could be over in less than 180 minutes. Seriously.)
Miami (Fla.) (+9) at Ohio St.
BYU (-1) at Air Force
Troy (+14) at Oklahoma St.
(Note: This game has no significance, except for this: it was after OSU went to Troy — and lost — in 2007 that Jenni Carlson of "The Oklahoman" penned the famous column questioning the toughness of on-again, off-again quarterback Bobby Reid. Which, of course, precipitated this:

That's going to play in the background for a minute while I finish this.)
LSU (-10) at Vanderbilt
Wyoming (+29) at Texas
Syracuse (+13.5) at Washington
Penn State (+12) at Alabama
(Note: So much is going to be said in the next few days, it seems like overkill to say anything else.)
Oregon (-12) at Tennessee
(Note: I'm sorry, I know Tennessee is thin and has suffered greatly over the past few months. But seriously, a West Coast team coming to Neyland Stadium at night ... and they're favored by 2 TDs? Really?)
Western Kentucky (+23.5) at Kentucky
UAB (+12) at SMU
Ole Miss (-20.5) at Tulane
(Note: Stop snickering. Seriously, stop. OK, go ahead — get it out of your system.)
Stanford (-6) at UCLA
Virginia (+19.5) at USC

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