Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday lines: let's be careful out there

This week's schedule is chock full of games that look tricky on paper; you could talk yourself into a number of teams "keeping it close" if you stare at the schedule long enough. You'll see what I mean.
As always, lines this week come from, though you do have to search to find them.
Cincinnati (+2) at North Carolina State
Kansas (+3.5) at Southern Miss
(Note: Opened at 3.5, and on some sites has gone all the way to 6. No idea why — maybe it's Turner Gill's cursing ban.)
California (-3) at Nevada
Arkansas (+2.5) at Georgia
Georgia Tech (+1) at North Carolina
(Note: Imagine my surprise when I checked the schedule and found that Ga. Tech will be less than 10 miles away, kicking off roughly 2 hours prior. We'll have a difficult time containing the von Herrmanns.)
Ohio (+31.5) at Ohio St.
Kent St. (+21.5) at Penn St.
Maryland (+13.5) at West By-God Virginia
Iowa St. (+5) at Kansas St.
Vanderbilt (+14) at Ole Miss
(Note: Let's just make a deal from now on: all games involving Houston Nutt and/or Les Miles are off the board. OK?)
East Carolina (+17) at Va. Tech
Hawaii (+11) at Colorado
BYU (+8.5) at Florida St.
USC (-15) at Minnesota
(Note: This is NOT one of the games you could talk yourself into, in terms of "keeping it close." The Gophers have openly quit on their coach again, and the Trojans are still a few weeks away.)
Alabama (-24) at Duke
(Note: The over/under for this one is 56. That over looks pretty good at the moment, right?)
Colorado St. (+7) at Miami (OH)
Air Force (+17.5) at Oklahoma
Nebraska (-4.5) at Washington
Arizona St. (+16.5) at Wisconsin
Washington St. (+21) at SMU
Florida (-15) at Tennessee
Troy (+4) at UAB
(Note: Why this opened with UAB favored, I have no idea — it's already swung to Troy (-3) in a lot of places.)
Baylor (+21) at TCU
(Note: This game screams "trap," doesn't it?)
Louisville (+16) at Oregon St.
Clemson (+6) at Auburn
(Note: Here, without comment, is a picture of a blue Auburn helmet. So, ya know, have fun with that.)
Akron (+23) at Kentucky
Mississippi St. (+9.5) at LSU
Tulsa (+6.5) at Oklahoma St.
MTSU (+4.5) at Memphis
Northwestern (-7) at Rice
Fla. International (+28.5) at Texas A&M
Navy (-3) at La. Tech
Notre Dame (+3) at Michigan St.
Texas (-3) at Texas Tech
(Note: CLICK-CLACK!!!)
Boise St. (-24) at Wyoming
(Note: Boise SHOULD be a lock the rest of the year, due to their need to drill every opponent on the schedule, to help their BCS chances. I said, "should.")
Iowa (-1.5) at Arizona
Houston (-3) at UCLA
(Note: I mean, I know UCLA's struggling, but ... I mean, they're at home against a C-USA team and they're GETTING 3? Really?)
Wake Forest (+17.5) at Stanford
(Note: Has potential to be one of those "I put this on while I was falling asleep and wound up staying up till 2 a.m. to see who won" type of games.)

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